About Us   

This is not about me, it's about us. By setting an example in this world to stand out as a woman, I am giving that same opportunity to all the women in the world. I can do what I like.. travel, sports, drink, laugh and do my nails. Not at the same time, but I can do it. That means that you all can do it!

On a serious note, this planet needs to be saved. Men have failed and women ought to get an opportunity to rule this world. So without being too much of a feminist, I wouldn't mind that girls would rule the world. At least for a while to see how it goes.. in case there is a difference.

In this way we can have balance.. because we have been too long and too much in, in-balance. Only after a hundred years of women-rule can we say this is a fair deal!

Which takes me to my favorite quote:

"Start bitching and stop fucking around."

Take Part 

Others are free to use this website as a medium to bitch about their female lives. So don't hesitate to contact me if you want to share your thoughts here and contribute. Don't be shy, I'm waiting.

Mary Lever