Fight At The Beijing Opera

10/03/2014 17:48

Not just because I am interested in the rights of women, I am subsequently also interested in women that fight. It's simply beautiful to see sexy ladies sweating and showing their strengths. It can be a feminine act too, and the men, they go crazy for it. Well there is one kind of a "crazy for it" moment that I had.. one that I could not have believe to experience in my life.

This experience was in Beijing, China where I was watching Opera only to see women fighting with swords in such a stunning and beautiful manner that I was instantly in love with these actors. Opera in Beijing is a very curious art.. with vigorous and hard training, not suitable for the ordinary women. It made me think about the strength of Chinese women.. wow.. only the Chinese could do it I thought.

But mainly what astounded me was the beautiful combination. The elegance and sensitivity of a classic opera performance, together with full bodied emotions.. and best of all a good cat fight! Be sure to check it out if you are into bit of culture.