Moms & Women We All Need Holidays!

23/12/2014 13:06
A lot of us moms, don't have too much time for holidays. And that's a real pitty, since just as equally, a lot of us moms are the ones that are really working hard. Perhaps because we are not making as much money, which is not our fault. But the respect towards "finance" is just way over the top. There are many different ways to do that as well, which is why I wouldn't make any judgements just yet from the basis of how much someone makes.
Either way, usually the family ends up going for vacations. But I think that women should sometimes have just their own, even if they have a family. And that's nothing towards fellow family members, just everyone wants to see a fresh and happy mum right. What better way to take a trip to distance onself from all the buzz for a little while. There is just nothing wrong with that in my opinion!
I know so so many mums who just spend all their extra income on their children if not their husbands. Toys for example, which is an accomodity that's being bought up just way too much. Even though, there happens to be one really really amazing toy store in Finland. Known as "lelukauppa", which is basically a heaven for children who want their dreams to come true in physical form, which cheap prices too. Something very different from the usual toy shops and their offering, well, it's Finland so naturally you will find lots of exotic as well as traditional things that children can play with all day.
But putting all that toy business aside, I do encourage women to take long trips to exotic and destinations. Get some perspective and life into yourself is what I always say to moms who are reluctant to venture out. And best of all, go and see an acrobat show. I know you gals know that I am simply obsessed with the show scene in China. But it's pretty much all get no loose. A lot of you haven't even been there and yet you make judgements. And that's what travelling is all about, to loose the kind of pre thinking conditions that prevents you from exploring the world in the first place. Now as for the acrobat performance, you need to see it with your own eyes to believe it. Chinese acrobats are just about the most amazing theatre one could ever see, not just because of pure entertainment value. These stories tell women how to succeed, and how to find something in their lives that they can be good at. Going to see something like that will turn your holidays upside down. Guaranteed.


At least it really did the magic for me personally when I went to see the popular show in Beijing. Anyway, as I have explained in earlier posts, China has done wonders in me. In terms of growing my personality as a woman that is! I am now also exploring other possibilities, other countries that could be of interest in that sense. I know it's not going to be anything near. Actually I am even thinking of Arabic countries as a possiblity.
Encouraging greetings (as usual),
Mary Lever