Seriousness is a Laughing Matter

11/02/2014 01:19
Hey girls and boys. It's Mary Lever here to tell you about the fighting spirit of women again. I know if you guys are reading this, you might be laughing. Hell, I'm laughing as well at all this. But for some this is a dead serious issue.. and by tackling these issues seriously one can start laughing about it again. In fact, that is the objective of the whole thing.
As you can see a star falling from above the sky you start to wonder, if that's the direction your headed too. Direct collition is the fear of many women who experience problems with their abusive male work colleagues. With such authorative power, dealing with it seems almost impossible. What can one do to make a pleasant and rewarding work environment. Without riskin ones job, as fighting back can sometimes cause.
Often it's noted that the people who are targets of abuse are only a few amongst many women. While there are too aspects to this story. Of which I will walk about only one for now and the other later. I would like to concentrate on individual strength.
It's suprisingly influencal if you are able to keep a good stance at difficult times. This requires words.. words to your self. There is no reason to eaven bother to waste your energy on some dillusional colleague who's only objetive is to boss you around. Ignore him. Don't think you are any better or worse.. just let him be. Smile at him, be yourself. Be natural. This will not give him the emotional reword he is looking for and if you stop feeding him he will stop bullying. This is a very simple and effective strategy.
Hope it helps!