Standing up to Christmas

16/12/2014 18:06

I know some of you might get a good laugh out of this post. But again, just sincerely posting on behalf of the female community here. Besides that, it's good to laugh however Christmas is not an easy time for a lot of us women. There is a lot of stress and preparations involved. And for what? For a few days of relaxation before new year comes for another round of duties.

Well, it's true that a lot of that stress is up to your own attitude. Going things one by one with good time and preparation can result in a so called "stress free Christmas" or whatever it's called. Yet, there is a kind of pressure that is just not up to you and that is social. That's why I encourage women to put their men to work. A good friend of mine said that she even had to carry the Christmas tree inside the house and so on. This is simply rediculous and clearly there should be a divition of duties here. In fact, I don't even care that much about Christmas. Why not just have a casual one, with concentration on love, peace and happiness. I'm sure the kids will love it too.

Eating good is probably the only best thing for me, and that I do with pure joy. So I encourage all you women out there to stand up to Christmas. Don't let it bully you and be come, do things organised and sensibly.

And at all cost, avoid the Christmas burnout. It can be fatal! *LOL*

Happy holidays everyone!!

-- Mary Lever