Supporting Your Workmates

08/03/2014 16:51
The second topic I wanted to talk about in regards to work abuse is support. How many times your work mates stay silent, just because they are afraid and don't want to bother the work flow. But it's just wrong. In fact more than wrong it's a misunderstanding.
By screaming at your boss instea d of your work mate is not support. Support is direct, and directed at the victim herself. By sticking around so that this person knows that she has people who care about him will help to turn the negative energy around. That's all it takes to influence a big shot boss or a nasty manager.
What these people want is women to be afraid. Once they are afraid, they are under control. But in fact their biggest fear is that you don't fear. This is a bubble that needs to be broken and it will flower in a natural way. That's what support is for. Spread the word, let everyone know!