To Get Fighting Girls Domain or Not

10/09/2014 15:50

It's been quite a while we've been running this website at webnode and we have been very pleased with the service over the years. However the time has come to consider other options as well. That's why I am asking for our dear readers opinion if we should start hosting the site on our own domain name or not! Just recently this idea was put to our attention by one of our fans, and we wanted to hear the opinions of the rest of the lot as well.

In the meanwhile, we've been doing some research and found a great how to guide on purchasing inexpensive .com name which would become very affordable! So this would definitely be an obstacle for the fighting firls dream team. However, we are not that experienced in running CMS or doing other web design. So we want to be absolutely sure that it's a good and smart move before we go so far as to learn all this stuff about desiging web pages.

So please, leave us a message to our e-mail address --> mary.lever (a) and let us know what you think. Don't be shy, just let us know your opinion as directly as possible.

Much regards,